Can't Stop Not Knowing

by The New Loud

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released February 16, 2010

Can't Stop Not Knowing
1. Don't Dance
2. 2+2=5
3. Heaven [single mix]
4. The Short Way To Get You
5. Every Girl I See [demo]*
6. Heaven [extended mix]

Produced by Shane Olivo
Mixed by Mark Trombino except *
Recorded by Shane Olivo at Bobby Peru Recording
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side
Design by Jeremy Pettis
Photography by Nancy Aguilar
Legal: Savur & Pellecchia LLP
Additional Vocals on Don't Dance by Dawn Tracy-Mahuta
Bass Guitar on Every Girl I See (demo) by Desiree Marszalkowski
Special Thanks to Beth Boddiger, Shaku Mays

2+2=5 written by Thomas York, Philip Selway, John O' Brien, Jonathan Greenwood, Colin Greenwood (p) by Warner/Chappell Music ltd

All other songs written by Shane Olivo and The New Loud, lyrics by Shane Olivo New Loud songs (p) Manimal Vs. Machinical (SESAC)

The New Loud is Shane Olivo, Jessi Nakles, and Radish Beat



all rights reserved
Track Name: Don't Dance
Don't Dance
You don't DANCE me, but I DANCE you. I DANCE you. Do you DANCE me too? You DANCE down to the city where all your money's spent on a DANCE rehearsed from passion into troubled discontent. Light glows from the trees to crash down on the street, I walk in your house at night and crawl in your bed to sleep. You DANCE into my house and DANCE up to my floor for another DANCE into my bed just like every night before. Light glows from the sky to splash down all around. I leave your house at dawn, my footsteps don't make a sound. We don't talk anymore. We don't speak. All this time alone, the weeks just leave me weak. I can't look at you because I know what you think. Time jumps back and forth as the days fall out of sync. I DANCE you where I want. I DANCE you what to do, because I could DANCE anyone if I wasn't DANCING you.
Track Name: Heaven (single mix)
We're talking. We're laughing. I'm looking at you looking at me. We're talking. We're laughing. Why does this have to happen with you and me? Touch me, hold me. Kiss me. Hit me. Trust me, hit me. It's heaven. Life's rushing in. It's heaven. We can't stop before starting. It's heaven. What have we gotten into? Heaven. It's heaven. We're talking. We're laughing. I'm looking at you looking at me. It's late and you should go home, but neither one of us wants you to leave. Then your hand's across my face. Your hand's across my face and I'm holding you down. My hand's across your face. My hand's across your face and I'm holding you down.
Track Name: The Short Way to Get You
The Short Way to Get You
You make me float. You make me crash. Hummingbird wings take hours to flap between days that I see your face. Glass is a liquid and it's moving at this same pace. God, I hope this doesn't last, because my mind doesn't feel much like it's mine. My brain gets caught mid-synapse. You're like a crossing guard deciding when neurons can pass. I take the short way to get you and the long way to get you home. The extra minute or 2 doesn't stop me from feeling alone. I take the short way to get you and the long way to get you home though you'd never know. The world is all gray like it's purgatory. Life has timeouts and you're the referee. You know you're in control. You just don't care, isn't that how it always goes. I go the short way to get you and the long way to get you home. I'm stupid, it's true, to have fallen in love with you, but at this point I'm stuck not knowing what else I can do. So, take me for the taking or break me if you're into breaking. My body's just loose skin and needles and pins. Hey girl come in. Make me do something. I'll do anything.
Track Name: Every Girl I See (demo)
Every Girl I See (demo)
Your face is on every girl I see and when one walks by I still go crazy. Still, knowing now what would happen then, I wouldn't even change a second. Our paths could cross again, I'm not ruling out being friends. After all, that's what it's all about even from the beginning. Especially in the twilight of the years, as we watch our subtle differences disappear. Your face is on my mind these nights just as the stars still shining bright. And when I close my eyes its you I see, your face like fireworks, right there with me. And it's nice to see you there, but I know this is just a picture that will fade to black like all the rest, these hours are rather treacherous. In between night and sunrise when it's so quiet you feel like you're the only one alive.